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Bewlbridge house

Wagon house is a new-build house built on a plot of land that had an existing barn and planning permission for a three bedroom house. The land was bought by a family of five to develop with a completely new design from the original planning approval. The new design references the existing barn and materials including natural larch cladding and industrial metal barn roofing that were specified accordingly. New metal framed windows continue the barn aesthetic, two of which are set behind timber fins on the road elevation to minimise light pollution from the new house. The plan is 'L'-shaped and allows the ground floor to be as open as possible while having two distinct areas for the kitchen/family room and sitting room. The staircase and fourth ground floor bedroom is separated to conform to fire regulations with a separate exit door. The first floor bedrooms are partially within the pitched roof space due to the ridge height having to match that of the existing barn.

Planning permission for a new four-bedroom design of the Wagon house was granted by Wealden District Council in January 2019

existing plot

proposed north and east elevation

proposed south and west elevation

ground floor plan

first floor plan

kitchen sketch

kitchen sketch

bedroom sketch

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