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Wanstead URC

Wanstead United Reformed Church has a unique history. The building started out in the 1860s as an Anglican church in St Pancras and was due to be demolished to make way for the new railway terminus. Before demolition, the building was bought by the Wanstead Congregationalists and transported stone by stone to the new site in East London.

The renovation and re-planning of the existing Grade II listed building includes the creation of two newly refurbished entrances that were key for church members in creating direct contact with the outside. These consist of glazed front doors to the main entrance and newly opened west entrance. Accessibility is improved throughout with the creation of a new ramped entrance to the rear hall and fully accessible WCs and kitchen. The main church space is detailed to enable different types of activity to take place from church services to Scout meetings and youth workshops to playgroup sessions. Flexible storage and robust fittings ensure that different user groups can work well within the space.

cross section

long section

ground floor plan

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